GameFlow is a plugin/extension for the Unity3D game engine. It simplifies and accelerate the development of video games. It reduces the barrier for game designers and artists compared with traditional scripting or programming.

GameFlow is perfectly integrated into the Unity3D editor, adding event-based visual programming blocks that allows designers and game developers with basic programming skills to build perfectly functional programs in a fraction of the time it would take to do so through traditional C# or JavaScript.

One of the key workflow improvements of GameFlow is a dramatic reduction in the amount of time spent working in an external editor such as Visual Studio Code or MonoDevelop.

Simply drop a tested, well-defined component on your GameObjects, configure them in the Inspector, and hit Play - no need to constantly bounce between Unity and your IDE just to add routine functionality.

For experienced developers, GameFlow is designed for reuse and extension. The GameFlow extensibility API allows advanced users to create their own GameFlow blocks. While GameFlow will work with your existing code, the API allows for a more seamless, visual integration.

Visual programming

There are several different versions of "visual scripting" tools available on the market today. Many of those tools simply replace text editing with a verbose and cluttered visual editor.

In GameFlow, visual development is handled via a simple component added directly to Unity GameObjects. If you are familiar working with built-in Unity components in the Inspector, you'll find GameFlow to be very easy to use.

If you are an experienced developer, you'll find that you need to write far fewer scripts from scratch, and can instead use GameFlow to handle the vast majority of typical tasks.

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