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Macro On Activate On Application Focus On Application Init On Application Pause On Application Quit On Awake On Click On Collision Enter On Collision Enter 2D On Collision Exit On Collision Exit 2D On Collision Stay On Collision Stay 2D On Custom Event On Deactivate On Demand On Deselect On Destroy On Draw Gizmos On End Edit On External Message On Fixed Update On Game Over On Game Pause On Game Resume On Game Start On Language Set On Late Update On Mouse Down On Mouse Drag On Mouse Enter On Mouse Exit On Mouse Over On Mouse Up On Parameter Change On Pointer Down On Pointer Enter On Pointer Exit On Pointer Up On Program Finish On Scene Load On Select On Start On Timer Expire On Trigger Enter On Trigger Enter 2D On Trigger Exit On Trigger Exit 2D On Trigger Stay On Trigger Stay 2D On Update On Value Change On Variable Change State State Machine


Activate GameObject Activate GameObjects In List Add Component Add Force Add Force 2D Add Hierarchy To List Add Item To List Add Selection To List Add Torque Add Torque 2D Add To String Attract Attract 2D Break Cancel Web Request Capture Screenshot Change String Case Clamp Local Position Clamp Local Rotation Clamp Position Clamp Rotation Clear Console Clear List Clear Particles Clone Clone Material Comment Concatenate Strings Confine Control Particles Control Video Player Copy Material Copy Transform Create Empty Game Object Create Material Create Primitive Create Web Request Deactivate GameObject Deactivate GameObjects In List Decrement Parameter Value Decrement Variable Value Destroy Destroy Game Objects In List Disable Behaviour Disable Behaviours In List Disable Collider Disable Collider 2D Disable Component Disable Components In List Disable Program Disable Shader Keyword Disable State Machine Disable Timer Divide Parameter Value Divide Variable Value Dont Destroy On Load Draw Bounds Draw Bounds Frame Draw Collider Draw Collider 2D Draw Force Draw Line During Enable Behaviour Enable Behaviours In List Enable Collider Enable Collider 2D Enable Component Enable Components In List Enable Program Enable Shader Keyword Enable State Machine Enable Timer Evaluate Evaluate Conditions Evaluate External Evaluate Math Function Execute Command Execute Program Exit Game Fade In Fade Out Find GameObject Find GameObjects Find Program Find Shader Finish Program Flip Follow Follow Path For For Each Freeze Game Over Get Angle Get Animation Property Get Animator Parameter Get Animator Property Get Application Property Get Area Effector 2D Property Get Audio Chorus Filter Property Get Audio Distortion Filter Property Get Audio Echo Filter Property Get Audio High Pass Filter Property Get Audio Low Pass Filter Property Get Audio Property Get Audio Reverb Filter Property Get Audio Reverb Zone Property Get Audio Source Property Get Bounds Property Get Button Property Get Camera Property Get Canvas Group Property Get Canvas Property Get Canvas Scaler Property Get Character Controller Property Get Child Get Closest Point Get Collider 2D Property Get Collider Property Get Color Get Color Component Get Component Get Component In Children Get Component In Parent Get Components Get Component Property Get Constant Force 2D Property Get Constant Force Property Get Current State Get Dropdown Property Get Direction Get Distance Get Farthest Get First Child Get First Item From List Get First Raycast Hit Get First Raycast Hit 2D Get Force Property Get Fractional Part Get GameObject Get GameObject Property Get GUIText Property Get GUITexture Property Get Image Property Get Impact Point Get Index Of Item In List Get Input Axis Value Get Input Button State Get Input Field Property Get Instance Id Get Integer Part Get Item From List Get Joint 2D Property Get Joint Property Get JSON From List Get Last Child Get Last Item From List Get Layer Get Lens Flare Property Get Light Property Get Line Renderer Property Get List Count Get Magnitude Get Material Get Material Property Get Mesh Filter Property Get Mesh Renderer Property Get Nav Mesh Agent Property Get Nav Mesh Obstacle Property Get Nearest Get Object From Pool Get Off Mesh Link Property Get Offset Get Outline Property Get Parent Get Particle System Property Get Path Property Get Physics Property Get Platform Effector 2D Property Get Point Effector 2D Property Get Pool Capacity Get Position Get Position 2D Get Position In Path Get Program Property Get Projector Property Get Quaternion Component Get Radial Offset Get Random Color Get Random Item From List Get Random Number Get Random Point In Collider Get Random Point In Collider 2D Get Random Point In Collider List Get Random Position Get Random Position 2D Get Random Rotation Get Random Vector Get Raw Image Property Get Raycast Hit Property Get Raycast Hit Property 2D Get Raycast Hits Get Raycast Hits Count Get Ray Point Get Ray Property Get Rect Property Get Rect Transform Get Rect Transform Property Get Render Property Get Rigidbody 2D Property Get Rigidbody Property Get Rotation Get Rotation 2D Get Scale Get Scale 2D Get Scene Count Get Scene Property Get Screen Point From World Point Get Script Property Get Scrollbar Property Get Selectable Property Get Selected GameObject Get Selection Get Shadow Property Get Skinned Mesh Renderer Property Get Skybox Property Get Slider Property Get SO Property Get Sprite Property Get Sprite Renderer Property Get String Length Get Substring Get Surface Effector 2D Property Get Tag Get Terrain Property Get Text Mesh Property Get Text Property Get Texture Property Get Time Property Get Timer Property Get Toggle Property Get Trail Renderer Property Get Transform Get Transform Direction Get Transform Point Get Transform Property Get Variable Get Vector Component Get Velocity Get Velocity 2D Get Velocity Component Get Velocity Component 2D Get VideoPlayer Property Get Web Request Property Get Web Request Response Get Wind Zone Property Get World Point From Screen Point Get W Get X Get Y Get Z Group Hello World Hide Mouse Cursor Hide Parameter If Ignore Collision Ignore Collision 2D Increment Parameter Value Increment Variable Value Insert In String Insert Item In List Instantiate Interpolate Interpolate Color Interpolate Value Invert String Invoke Method Limit Parameter Value Limit Variable Value Limit Velocity Limit Velocity 2D Load Scene Log Message Look At Look At 2D Loop Loop In Current Frame Loop In Next Frame Map Vector Move Move Randomly Multiply Parameter Value Multiply Variable Value On State Open URL Orbit Pause Editor Pause Game Play Animation Play Music Play Sound Play Sound At Source Random Wait Recalculate Path Remove Item From List Repeat Repeat Until Replace In String Reset Language Reset Pool Reset Timer Reset Variable Value Resize List Restart Program Restart Timer Restore Collision Restore Collision 2D Resume Game Resume Timer Rotate Rotate Randomly Round Variable Value Save Data Scale Scale Randomly Scroll Material Texture Select Send Command Send Command To List Send Message Send Web Request Set Animation Property Set Animator Parameter Set Animator Property Set Animator State Set Application Property Set Area Effector 2D Property Set Audio Chorus Filter Property Set Audio Distortion Filter Property Set Audio Echo Filter Property Set Audio High Pass Filter Property Set Audio Low Pass Filter Property Set Audio Property Set Audio Reverb Filter Property Set Audio Reverb Zone Property Set Audio Source Property Set Bounds Property Set Button Property Set Camera Property Set Canvas Group Property Set Canvas Property Set Canvas Scaler Property Set Character Controller Property Set Collider 2D Property Set Collider Property Set Color Set Color Component Set Component Property Set Constant Force 2D Property Set Constant Force Property Set Current State Set Distance Set Dropdown Property Set Force Property Set GameObject Property Set GUIText Property Set GUITexture Property Set Image Property Set Input Field Property Set Item In List Set Joint 2D Property Set Joint Property Set Language Set Lens Flare Property Set Light Property Set Line Renderer Property Set Local Position Set Local Position Component Set Local Rotation Set Local Rotation Component Set Magnitude Set Material Set Material Property Set Mesh Filter Property Set Mesh Renderer Property Set Mouse Cursor Set Mouse Lock Set Nav Mesh Agent Destination Set Nav Mesh Agent Property Set Nav Mesh Obstacle Property Set Next State Set Off Mesh Link Property Set Orbit Rotation Set Outline Property Set Parameter Indirection Set Parameter Value Set Parent Set Particle System Property Set Path Property Set Physics Property Set Platform Set Platform Effector 2D Property Set Platform Type Set Point Effector 2D Property Set Position Set Position 2D Set Position Component Set Position From Screen Point Set Program Property Set Projector Property Set Quaternion Component Set Random Local Position Set Random Local Rotation Set Random Position Set Random Rotation Set Random Scale Set Random Seed Set Raw Image Property Set Ray Property Set Rect Property Set Rect Transform Property Set Render Property Set Rigidbody 2D Property Set Rigidbody Property Set Rotation Set Rotation 2D Set Rotation Component Set Scale Set Scale 2D Set Scale Component Set Script Property Set Scrollbar Property Set Selectable Property Set Shadow Property Set Skinned Mesh Renderer Property Set Skybox Property Set Slider Property Set SO Property Set Sprite Renderer Property Set Substring Set Surface Effector 2D Property Set Terrain Property Set Text Mesh Property Set Text Property Set Texture Property Set Time Property Set Time Scale Set Timer Property Set Toggle Property Set Trail Renderer Property Set Transform Property Set Variable Indirection Set Variable Value Set Vector Component Set Velocity Set Velocity 2D Set Velocity Component Set Velocity Component 2D Set VideoPlayer Property Set W Set Wind Zone Property Set World Up Set X Set Y Set Z Setup Progress Show In Window Show Mouse Cursor Show Parameter Shuffle List Sleep Sleep 2D Sleep List Sort List Start Game Start Program Stop Animation Stop Music Stop Sound At Source Stop Timer Swap Values Toggle Audio Mute Toggle Component Enablement Toggle GameObject Activation Toggle Parameter Value Toggle Pause Toggle Variable Value Trigger Custom Event Unload Scene Update Progress Wait Wait For Program Wait For Timer Wake Up Wake Up 2D Wake Up List While


Angle Condition Angle Condition Animator State Condition Any Key Condition Audio Condition Bounds Condition Collider2D Condition Current State Condition Device Type Condition Distance Condition Game Condition GameObject Condition Input Button Condition Item Count Condition Key Condition Layer Condition List Condition Magnitude Condition Mouse Button Condition Parameter Value Condition Platform Condition Program Condition Ray Condition Shader Condition Shader Keyword Condition State Machine Condition Tag Condition Timer Condition Variable Value Condition Velocity Condition Web Request Condition


Built-in Active GameObject Built-in Current FPS Built-in Day Built-in Default Language Built-in Delta Time Built-in Device Name Built-in Frame Built-in Hour Built-in Input Axis Built-in Input Axis X Built-in Input Axis Y Built-in Language Built-in Main Camera Built-in Minute Built-in Month Built-in Mouse Axis Built-in Mouse Axis X Built-in Mouse Axis Y Built-in Mouse Delta Built-in Mouse Delta X Built-in Mouse Delta Y Built-in Mouse Position Built-in Mouse Position X Built-in Mouse Position Y Built-in Mouse Wheel Built-in Native Resolution Built-in Screen Center Built-in Screen Size Built-in Second Built-in Year List Localization Parameter Variable


Command Description Force Key Note Path Pool Ray Separator Timer

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